Our Mission




Women at Upwork is a community of women supporting each other to realize our aspirations, foster a feeling of belonging, and further the goal of gender equality and women's advancement in the workplace.

In 2019, three "tracks" coordinated events for our group: the Let's Chat Track, the Social Track, and the Training & Outreach Track. Upwork women volunteered to lead these tracks, and worked together in all three offices and remotely to plan engaging activities and opportunities to come together as a community. 


The Women's Summit

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The Women's Summit is the culmination of our work as a group: an annual, all-day event where all the women of Upwork gather together to learn, share experiences, and celebrate achievements. It is meant to create a safe forum to have informative, thought-provoking discussions about challenges related to women’s success in business and society and share strategies and tools for success in growing our careers.

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Events This Year



Our Let’s Chat Track hosts and organizes fireside chats, roundtable discussions, drop-in sessions and more. We've had chats with female members of our own leadership, as well as female authors and figures from the larger community.

Let’s Chat Track
Social Track



Our Social Track plans engaging social events inside and outside of the office, from flower-arranging to movie outings (Wonder Woman, anyone?) to paint nights–there's always something to do!



Our Training & Outreach Track helps with educational trainings and community involvement–gathering ideas for events and activities from all employees. Our most recent training was a guided meditation, helping employees to reduce stress and control anxiety.

Training & Outreach Track

Our Employee Leaders


Kelly Gallagher

Membership and Engagement Lead

Rachel Jakab

Rachel Jakab

Co-Events Lead


Amanda Allen

Co-Events Lead


Molly Donlon

Branding and Communications


Melissa Ngu


Ashley Lawler

Ashley Lawler


Our Executive Sponsors

Hayden Brown

Hayden Brown

President and Chief Executive Officer

Zoë Harte

Zoë Harte

Chief People Officer

We are thrilled to have the privilege of being the executive sponsors of Women at Upwork. We started the group in 2016 with the mission of fostering a supportive community, dialogue, and advocacy amongst and for the women at Upwork. We felt a strong responsibility to more formally support and highlight the accomplishments of the amazing and diverse women working at Upwork, and create a forum committed to continuing to make our workplace a pioneer of inclusivity and a place where women succeed and lead at every level. 

Since its inception the group has grown and evolved and involves women in all offices, as well as a strong remote team presence. One of the highlights is our Annual Women's Summit which will be in Chicago in 2019 for the first time and will bring together the 250+ women of Upwork. We plan to cover topics encompassing mental and physical health, allyship, networking, and leadership to fuel our team with information and energy to live their best life personally and professionally. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Upwork and hope you'll join us! 

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