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¿Qué Tal?

Our Mission



¿Qué Tal? was created by the Latinx members of Upwork on a foundation of knowledge sharing. We strive to educate our colleagues regarding our cultures and educate our Latinx communities on the economic opportunities that are available to them personally, professionally, and academically.

What We Do



We pull together Upwork's Latinx community and our friends through events celebrating the history and diversity of Latinx cultures, like different countries' national holidays. These events are great for bringing people together while celebrating what it means to be Latinx.



¿Qué Tal?'s inaugural event on Cinco de Mayo raised over $2,000 via an all-day raffle across all of Upwork's offices. Prizes for the raffle included Mexican cooking classes, gift cards to traditional Mexican restaurants, and Upwork swag, and the proceeds went to various charities supporting the Latinx communities in Chicago and the Bay Area.




We are always trying to lift up our communities outside of Upwork, with programs like iMentor, a three-year program focusing on first-generation students that partners an employee with a high school student for mentorship.

Our Executive Sponsor




Brian Levey

Chief Business Affairs and Legal Officer

 I believe that ¿Qué Tal? is an important reflection of Upwork’s core value of a bias towards action, and, like our other ERGs, creates important gathering spaces to educate, discuss important issues, and drive change. Our ERGs also showcase the diverse perspectives all of us bring to Upwork and how that can make each of us better employees, colleagues, and friends. 

I’m honored to serve as ¿Qué Tal?’s executive sponsor because it supports the Latinx community at Upwork, and I can’t wait to see Upwork’s ¿Qué Tal? team grow into a true beacon of Latinx pride for our users and the broader communities we all serve. 

Thank you to the ¿Qué Tal? team for your commitment to creating more of these spaces and actions to help Upwork as we grow – together. 

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