Our vision for diversity, inclusion and belonging is dignity, purpose, community and fairness at the center of every working moment.

I knew I belonged when I interviewed with my future manager and felt more seen in the workplace than I have in any previous time in my career. I knew that Upwork was different, and would value me for my individual strengths, rather than looking to constrain my contributions to a specific role or title.

Since joining the company I've felt this each and every day, and couldn't be more grateful to be part of this truly special company.

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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIBs) is Who Upwork is and What We Do.

Diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIBs) is who Upwork is and we what we do.

We can't fulfill our company mission to create economic opportunities so people have better lives without a dedicated strategic investment in diversity, inclusion and belonging, both within our corporate teams, and on the Upwork platform.

In addition, our investment in diversity, inclusion and belonging is:


We Take a Systems-Based Approach

Upwork is a complex organization and our team members come from, and go home to, a much bigger world. Accordingly, we take a systems-based approach to diversity, inclusion and belonging.
Our workplace is a system.
Our organization is an interconnected and ever-evolving organism. We approach team member experiences holistically by examining how we attract, hire, grow, engage, retain, and depart our people. We recognize that these stages of their journey with us are interconnected and interdependent.
Our workplace is part of a larger system.
Our business operates in an industry and global context shaped by centuries of inequality, injustice, and bias. We are not naive enough to believe that we are immune from these forces, nor do we ignore their impact on our teams' personal and professional lives.

Keys to Catalyze Sustainable Institutional Change

These three considerations will catalyze sustainable institutional change in our organization. 

  1. We approach the work on our inclusion strategy as specific, not singular

  2. We resist the urge to recycle popular practices

  3. We balance impact with practicality

To learn more, visit our DIBs Approach page.

Support and Guidance with Our Upwork Belonging Communities 

Our Upwork Belonging Communities (UBCs) create spaces that center the professional needs and goals of team members who identify as LGBTQIA+, Black, Latinx, Pan-Asian, veterans, women, and caregivers. UBCs make it more possible for team members to find their unique fit within our One Upwork community without having to sacrifice meaningful aspects of their identities.

Each UBC has leaders and executive sponsors within the company and welcomes participation from all our offices and remote team members.

Additionally, all of our Upwork Belonging Communities have defined space and roles for allies!

Learn more by visiting our UBC pages below.

Upwork Belonging Communities were a huge key to maintaining my mental health in 2020for addressing what was actually happening in the world, and giving us resources to take action and feel seen.

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For team members who identify as women

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For LGBTQ+ team members

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For Black team members

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For Latinx team members

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For Pan-Asian team members

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For veterans and their families

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For team members with caregiving responsibilities

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Upwork's Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Resource Center

As a company, we're working hard to drive systemic change toward a more inclusive workplace for our team members. But we know that the lessons we learn as we lead the way can generate an even greater impact globally when we open source our practices for clients and other businesses to follow. Visit our Resource Center to explore thought leadership you can apply to your organization.

Visit the DIBs Resource Center

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