What’s Trending in the World of Work: Spark Curiosity and Productivity

Kids are back in school, and the summer weather and schedule are waning. There’s no better time to push yourself to find new sparks of creativity, curiosity, and productivity.

“The chips aren’t always going to fall where you want them to—but if you understand that reality going in, you can be prepared to wring the most value out of the experience, no matter the outcome,” wrote career coach Susan Peppercorn, whose article is featured below.

Here are three noteworthy articles with tips and advice to help you be more productive and creative…

Use these 11 tips to get (even more) productive in Google Docs | TIME

Whether you’re a serial Google Docs user or simply use it for note-taking, there are dozens of shortcuts to give you more time to focus on things that matter, rather than organizing your documents. For example:

  • Transcribe a customer interview with the built-in dictation tool
  • Create interlinks with Ctrl-K to make it easy and quick to find relevant information
  • Build a personal dictionary for those unique words that are specific to your industry or company

Why we like it: We only have so many hours in the day and shortcuts in our favorite tools can reduce the complication and time suck from certain projects. High fives to less time spent organizing and more time doing!

13 books from high school worth rereading as an adult | Fast Company

Lord of the Flies may remind you of Ralph and Piggy getting into trouble on a tropical island, but when you reread it past adolescence, you’ll discover the deeper meaning of civilization, structure, and authority.

This list of books will encourage you to pick up new messages and subtle nuances that you missed during high school years—and may even inspire you to be more curious about new industries or cultural backgrounds.

Why we like it: Learning doesn’t stop at any point in life. Whether you’re learning a new skill or language or revisiting a book or movie, there are always new insights and lessons to glean.

How to overcome your fear of failure | Pocket

In this piece from Susan Peppercorn on overcoming the fear of failure, she focuses on four steps to pushing past the fear of messing up to find success. Let’s highlight two: setting “approach goals” and focusing on learning.

“Approach goals” are positively reframed “avoidance goals”—they’re goals that focus on behaviors or outcomes to work toward instead of things to avoid or stop.

In repositioning your goals this way, you shift a task or goal from being negative and unpleasant to positive and achievable. This sets your mind up to be primed for learning, which pushes you in moments of comfort to step further and thrive.

Why we like it: Fear of failure is a common feeling that inhibits people from progressing in their careers and tackling new projects. Next time you are worried about failing, try reframing the negative anticipation into a positive opportunity.

What recent articles about the future of work have inspired you? Share them and how they influenced you in the comments section below.

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