The Book Lover’s Book List Roundup

Book-loving holidays are among us! With “National Book Lover’s Day” on Aug. 9 and “National Read a Book Day” on Sept. 6, isn’t it time you finally got around to that great tome sitting on your bookshelf?

Don’t have something on your must-read list? Embrace the excitement and authentic analog nostalgia of those Scholastic Book Fair days and find something new to read. Whether you’re looking for career advice, to add to your list of skills, or just to expand your literary universe, here are some great book lists to turn to for inspiration—a total of 147 books ideas!

Book Lists: Career Development

Book Lists: Business and Entrepreneurship

  • 5 Books to Help You Succeed in Business
    From the 4-Hour Workweek to Strengths Finder 2.0, these five introspective reads will help you with productivity.
  • 20 Books that Look to the Road Ahead
    What does the future hold for work, education, and cities? Upwork CEO, Stephane Kasriel, recommends 20 books to help you become your own futurist and anticipate trends in work.
  • 17 Great Books for Anyone Who Wants to Get Ahead in Business
    Successful executives told these titles influenced them the most. Find books like The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Steven Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and One Up On Wall Street: How To Use What You Already Know To Make Money In The Market by Peter Lynch.

Book Lists: Just for Fun

  • 20 Books TED Speakers Think Everyone Should Read This Summer
    This annually-updated list of reading recommendations from TED speakers features everything from classic books like Homer’s The Odyssey to books full of battle-tested creative advice by choreographer Twyla Tharp.
  • Bill Gates Says to Read These 5 Books
    Looking to change your perspective on the world? Not interested in frothy beach reads or career advice? Try the 2019 list from Bill Gates—his annual summer book recommendations will make you confront the ideas of crisis and disruption.
  • 32 Books You Need to Read This Summer
    From thrillers and romance to books asking the tough questions, here are a few dozen reads Time Magazine recommends.

Don’t have time to sort through book lists? Here are a couple of quick-read ebooks to try:

  • How HR Uses Data to Validate Business Decisions
    This free ebook from Upwork covers the benefits of big data, tips for establishing an analytical mindset, and best practices for building a data strategy—learnings from companies like Salesforce and Facebook included.
  • Build a Business You Love: Freelancing Tips from the Pros
    Learn how to start and succeed in a freelance business with this free eBook from Upwork. Full of tips on building a business you love from experienced pros like Danny Margulies, freelance copywriter and prolific blogger, and Kelly Dunning, freelance writer and digital nomad.
  • Addressing the Talent Shortage to Save Your Business
    Wondering what the truth is when it comes to a talent shortage? Just how will this shortage impact your business? Or wondering about alternatives to the hiring status quo? This free ebook has the answers.

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