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A Secret Strategy to Grow and Retain Users for Your Mobile App (by Pranjal Mehta)

“How do you define a retained user? What behavior of a user indicates that someone is retained?” asks Pranjal Mehta. The answers to these questions from a company that produces a news app, say, will differ from those of a company that makes expense-tracking software. Apps with high retention rates, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google, have become a daily habit for many users. Mehta shares three stages of the habit loop and how every loop can hit these stages.

How to Turn Quora into a Sales, Leads, and Traffic Generator for Your Business (by Hans van Gent)

Quora, the biggest Q&A platform, is a huge opportunity for marketers to reach new audiences and drive traffic—yet many don’t take advantage of it. Quora is also a haven for new content ideas. Hans van Gent shares how being active on Quora can lead to your being featured in major publications, showcase your expertise, and let you learn from others in your industry. He also shares five tips for posting and answering questions.

Looking to Improve Your Chatbot’s Success? Take a Page from the Google Search Engine (by Casey Phillips)

Some people approach a chatbot as they do a Google search: They type in a broad query and expect to get the exact results they’re hoping for on their first try. Yet many chatbots produce only one result, compared with the dozens that a Google search query produces. Casey Phillips expands on how to configure a chatbot to display related answers to a question, similar to Google.

How to Build a Better Product with UX Writing (by Anastasiia Marushevska)

A bad interface is comparable to a bad first impression when meeting someone. It’s hard to recover after. Not only are the interface and visuals important to a good UX, but the copy leaves a lasting impact as well. Anastasiia Marushevska writes about the importance of using words and images to trigger the right emotions in users—and about the differences between a good copywriter and a good UX writer. The task of the latter, she says, “is to guide [users] through your product and be invisible at the same time.”

Machine Learning and Mobile: Deploying Models on the Edge (by Justin Gage)

Think about your favorite features of an iPhone, such as face recognition and Touch ID. It should come as no surprise that they rely on machine learning. Justin Gage shares five machine-learning frameworks to help deploy these models on mobile, including Core ML, TensorFlow Lite, and Fritz.ai. Learn more about two parts of the machine-learning modeling process—training and interference—in this article.

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