How Changes to Upwork’s Categories Will Change Your Upwork Experience

From time to time, Upwork evaluates the skills and skillsets listed on the site to ensure they accurately reflect current trends and needs in the marketplace. These skills factor into the site’s search and matching functionalities, so it’s important that they’re kept up-to-date. For example:

  • If you’re a client, skills help categorize your job posts and match your project with the talent you need.
  • If you’re a freelancer, the list of skills helps you create specialized profiles that accurately reflect your expertise.

As part of a series of changes that will start going into effect on Sept. 5, Upwork will delete, combine, and add a number of skills. Categories that will be affected include:

  • Web, Mobile, Software Development
  • Writing
  • Accounting & Consulting
  • Design & Creative

Profiles and job posts that include the revised skills will automatically be updated. However, it may be helpful for you to ensure the changes made to the skills you previously selected remain accurate.

Review the specializations listed below to see whether your profile or job post might be affected. If it no longer reflects your expertise or the skillset you’re looking for, adjust the selected skills to better suit your situation.

Changes to Web, Mobile & Software Development category

Emerging Tech
  • Rename “Emerging Tech Skills” to “Emerging Tech Subjects”
  • Remove “Smart Contracts”
  • Add different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Libra, and Stellar

Upwork Skills — Emerging Tech


Automation QA
  • Split “Automation QA Skills” into “Automated Testing Frameworks” and “Automated Testing Software”
  • Add skills to “Automated Testing Frameworks” such as JUnit, Jasmine, and Mockito
  • Add skills to “Automated Testing Software” such as Katalon Studio, Squish, Perfecto and Kobiton

Upwork Skills — Automated Testing


eCommerce Development
  • Rename “eCommerce Development Platforms” to “eCommerce Platforms”
  • Add new values such as BigCommerce, OpenCart, and PrestaShop.

Skills and Expertise A look at the changes to eCommerce Development skills and expertise in the Job Post interface.

Changes to the Writing category

Business Writing
Content Writing
Grant Writing
  • Rename “Internet Research” to “Research”


Changes to the Accounting & Consulting category

HR Administration
  • Split “Employee Communications & Presentations About Policies” into two different skills, “Employee Communications” and “Policy”


  • Freelancers: If you selected the skill Employee Communications & Presentations about Policies previously, we’ve updated your profile to include the skills Employee Communications as well as Policy.
  • Clients: You can select “Employee Communications” and/or “Policy” as applicable to your project (see image below).

Upwork Skills — HR Administration A look at the changes to HR Administration skills and expertise in the Job Post interface.

Changes to the Design & Creative category

  • Remove “Camera” as a skill


We will continue to evaluate and refresh the skills and skillsets listed, as needed. Keep an eye on the Upwork Blog for future updates.

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