What is the value we bring to freelancers

As a professional freelancer, you’ve got the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss, but it’s not without work. You have to create a network and market yourself, plus the administrative aspects of running a business like invoicing and getting contracts signed.

Time is precious, and many of these hours aren’t billable. That’s why Upwork is focused on providing freelancers like you with the tools, support, and protections you need—as well as the quality clients and projects to help your business continue to grow.

Here’s a look at some of the value you get as a professional freelancer on Upwork.

Access to great clients and projects

Upwork is the world’s largest online freelance website, which means we’re able to offer freelancers the most opportunities. We’re committed to driving high-quality, reputable clients to our platform.

We’re also working to boost clients’ awareness of all the ways they can use freelancers more strategically, whether it’s to tackle bigger projects or lend specialized skills to new initiatives. Our new brand campaign showcases this, with ads demonstrating how freelancers and hybrid teams can help busy organizations get more done, and make a strategic impact on organizations.

Learn more about what we’re doing in 2019 to help professional freelancers and clients find success through Upwork.

Built-in protection for freelancers

Upwork is proactive about ensuring a freelancer is paid for the work they do. But in the event an issue between a freelancer and a client does arise, Upwork has measures in place to help ensure a fair resolution.

  • Payment Protection. Upwork has measures in place to protect freelancers and their businesses with both Hourly Protection and Fixed-Price Protection. These two programs help ensure that freelancers are paid for hours worked and the projects they complete.
  • Dispute Resolution. Upwork has dedicated dispute resolution specialists to help clients and freelancers resolve conflicts regarding invoiced hours or the release of payments.

Visibility & recognition to help you grow your freelance business

We help the best of the best on Upwork shine through programs such as

  • The Rising Talent program for freelancers who are new to Upwork who have a strong background in their field and have demonstrated early success with their first clients on the site. This can help newer freelancers grow their earnings and establish a reputation with prospective clients.
  • Top Rated recognition, which is earned by a history of feedback showing high-quality work for multiple clients. Top Rated freelancers are rewarded with exclusive perks and increased access to client projects.

Creating a thorough profile on Upwork really helps freelancers showcase their professional brand to clients. We designed profile layouts to make sure that your skills, rating, and recent projects stand out—and show up in relevant searches.

Time-saving business tools

Upwork offers tools to help freelancers handle some of the more time-consuming aspects of running a business. These tools help streamline administrative tasks, boost productivity, and give freelancers better visibility into their business.

  • Upwork Messages. This chat-based messaging and collaboration tool lets freelancers and clients chat in real-time, create rooms for group chats, and share files.
  • The Upwork Mobile App. Never miss an opportunity and run your business from anywhere with Upwork’s mobile app. Accept offers, chat with clients, and share files on the go. The mobile apps are being upgraded to include full browser functionality and will include the features our community of freelancers and agencies use the most.
  • Auto-payments. Managing invoicing and payments is simplified with automatic payments on hourly contracts. For freelancers with multiple Upwork projects, this can be especially valuable.

Learn more about what Upwork is doing to focus on professional freelancers this year.

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