Upwork Plus Helps Businesses Find Quality Talent in Less Time

Businesses turn to Upwork to connect and work with highly skilled freelancers. But making time to find that talent when life gets busy, and expand hiring efficiently across the business, can be a challenge. That’s why we’re launching Upwork Plus , a client service plan for teams that want to stand out to quality talent and scale hiring fast.

Upwork Plus gives teams quicker access to quality talent and options to hire efficiently and at scale across teams of coworkers. You can access the kind of help you need for your search to run smoothly, whether that’s refining project details or getting hands-on assistance to shortlist proposals. Perks such as a verified client badge and highlighted job posts can stand out to top freelancers and help your company achieve results.

Here’s a high-level overview of Upwork Plus and how it can help your team.

Find and hire quality talent in less time when you work with a dedicated advisor

Sometimes you need help getting your project details organized before you can start your search; other times you need a freelancer ASAP to get things moving forward. Upwork Plus gives you options:

  • A dedicated advisor can help you come up with an effective talent strategy, scale your hiring, and troubleshoot, so you can meet your business goals
  • Connect with a Talent Specialist for hands-on help editing your job posts and sourcing top freelancers for your projects, which can help cut your search time in half
  • And 24/7 customer support is available whenever you need it

Improve team collaboration and visibility with project tracking tools

Upwork’s My Jobs dashboard already allows teams to track the progress of projects, collaborate more efficiently, and get inspiration from each other’s activities. With Upwork Plus, you can add coworkers to different teams, pay with multiple payment methods, and view company reports for better accounting and spend tracking.

Stand out to in-demand freelancers with additional perks

The competition for top talent is just as lively in the freelance economy as it is elsewhere: Freelancers that are in demand can be selective about whom they work with. That’s where Upwork Plus can give you an edge. You could attract 50 percent more proposals from Top Rated and Rising Talent freelancers with job upgrades, a verified client badge, more search filters, and unlimited invites that you can proactively send to freelancers who might be a good match.

Try Upwork Plus for $49.99 a month. If you need a more comprehensive talent solution, check out the Business and Enterprise plans outlined on Upwork’s homepage.

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