Upwork Helps Agencies Market Their Services with Enhanced Profiles

You want your agency to wow your clients with great work. You also want to win more business—even better if you can grow in a way that’s efficient and cost-effective. Upwork is investing in better tools for clients and agencies like you to find each other.

We’re starting at the top of the funnel by rolling out an enhanced agency profile.

The new design will make it easier for you to brand your profile, tailor your message to reach the right clients, and differentiate your agency from your competitors.

The pay-off for creating an Upwork profile that’s designed to help you market your services can be notable.

Earlier this year, Upwork rolled out specialized profiles for individual freelancers who sell multiple services. As of May 2019, we saw that freelancers with these profiles received, on average, 33 percent more invites, 31 percent more interview requests, and 9 percent more offers.

Upwork Helps Agencies Market Their Services with Enhanced Profiles

Clients ask different questions of agencies

Companies increasingly rely on outside resources—freelancers, agencies, vendors—to handle larger and more complex projects. Last year alone, agencies on Upwork completed projects with more than 10,000 clients.

There are situations where an agency may be better positioned than an individual freelancer to meet the clients’ needs. When a business considers partnering with an agency, there are specific questions they want to have answered:

  • Does the agency have the ability to deliver a broader set of services?
  • Do they have examples that show how they’ve solved similar problems?
  • Have they worked with similar clients?
  • Where are their offices located?

With a revised profile, agencies will be able to more effectively answer these questions. They can also:

  • Clearly differentiate themselves
  • Create a profile that’s consistent with their brand and tells their story
  • Better organize pertinent information including:
    • Services offered
    • Agency company info: size, location(s)
    • Minimum project size desired
    • Featured clients and portfolio pieces
    • Awards and certifications

How to revise your agency profile

Over the next few weeks, you’ll have an opportunity to polish your agency profile, before the redesigned profiles are published in July.

In the near future, we’ll also improve how you can proactively find the right projects to bid on. Stay tuned for new features and updates!

Not sure how to adjust your profile? Here are some tips to help you craft a standout agency profile. And if you still have questions, please reach out through the Upwork Community Forum.

If you’re an existing agency that’s interested in using Upwork as a source for business development, here’s how to get started.

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