The Thing About Change...

A wise person once told me, “Change will happen with or without you.” This is evident when we consider the flurry of technical, social, and demographic changes all around us.

Even our language is changing. Terms such as remote work, flexible talent, and hybrid teams were used only by forward-thinking global companies a few years ago. Today they’re common lexicon for businesses of all sizes.

The very idea that someone could dream up an idea and then find freelancers to bring it to life seemed—a few years ago—foreign and fraught with concern. But remote, flexible talent is no longer novel nor an outlier in how work gets done.

The trailblazers who made this happen are at the forefront of the flexible talent revolution. A revolution where challenges are resolved through the collective expertise of hybrid teams and new capabilities are being developed around every virtual corner. Where Gen Y “millennials” and Gen Z actually live the work/life balance that previous generations talked about. And where businesses can complete large, specialized projects through agencies located around the globe.

The most exciting part: Change never stops. In this issue of Connect, you’ll hear about changes happening in the companies we work with and with individuals who champion change, and the sweet success that comes with seeing opportunities transform people and organizations alike.

No, it’s not easy. Change seldom is, but the stories shared within Connect prove the results are worth the effort.

Upwork customers who shifted their thinking to flexible talent advise others hovering on the edge: “Take a chance” and “Just try it.” Why? Because they realized how they had held themselves and their companies back by not jumping in.

Change will happen with or without you. But what you do with change is up to you.

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