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If you don’t have a specialized profile yet, it’s coming your way soon! Specialized profiles are rolling out, making it easier for freelancers like you to get the right information in front of the right clients: You can tailor your title, summary, Upwork contracts, and portfolio items to highlight a specific set of skills and market your services. And it’s easier for clients to find you by searching for the skills you know and the things you make.

“Freelancers with specialized profiles have seen, on average, a 33 percent increase in job invitations, a 31 percent increase in interview requests, and a 9 percent increase in offers.” — Cary Luu, Senior Product Manager at Upwork

After testing specialized profiles in two categories, we’re ready to roll them out to all freelancers and agencies on Upwork. Here’s an overview from Zak Hubbard, a VP of product management here at Upwork:

Specialized profiles make it easier to stand out as the best match

All freelancers on Upwork have the same kind of profile regardless of the type of work they do. While this allows you to showcase your general knowledge, it’s more difficult to highlight specialized skills that may set you apart from your competition.

We know that just because multiple freelancers may do the same type of work, it doesn’t mean you’re all the same:

  • A freelancer who specializes in designing covers for children’s books, for example, may not want to compete for projects designing business presentations.
  • A graphic designer may want to call out their expertise with Adobe Illustrator, so clients looking for freelancers with that talent can find them more easily.

General profiles can make things more difficult for clients, too. Your profile’s broad focus can make it more of a challenge for you to convince a client that you’re the best match for their project.

So we created specialized profiles—a different version of your profile that lets you focus on an individual specialty, complete with detailed sections highlighting your category-specific expertise. But first, we wanted to test the impact these profiles might have.

Specialized profiles: Tried and tested

Specialized profiles: Tried and tested

We originally unveiled specialized profiles as a beta feature for freelancers who had completed mobile development jobs on Upwork. The profiles provided these developers with the opportunity to display titles, descriptions, rates, skills, and experience relevant to the different types of mobile development work that they did, so they could better market their services.

The skills section of a specialized profile is designed to give prospective clients a more helpful view of your abilities and expertise. For mobile developers, this includes everything from the genres of applications they’ve developed, to the audiences they developed for, to the game engines they’ve used.

Design & Creative

We expanded specialized profiles to Design & Creative freelancers last year, continuing to refine the concept and measure the impact. We’re now in the process of extending this option to freelancers in all remaining categories.

In the future, we plan to offer more customized experiences based on your specialized profile. For example, clients searching for freelancers in the Design & Creative category will soon see search results that include a preview of each freelancer’s portfolio, making it easier to showcase your favorite work samples to prospective clients.

Design & Creative category — search results with portfolio previews included

Keep an eye on the blog for updates and future feature announcements. In the interim, we’d love to know what you think! Join the conversation in the Upwork Community.

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