Powerful Features Transform Search for Design and Creative Hiring on Upwork

Over the past year, we’ve been building and testing powerful new features—based on your feedback—to transform the search experience for clients seeking design and creative expertise on Upwork.

If you’re looking for talent, these new features will help you quickly evaluate and find the perfect match.

For independent creatives and agencies alike, we’ve added bold new ways to showcase your work and services so clients can find you faster. We have also added new features that make it easier for you to quickly evaluate a project to see whether it is the right fit.

Here are some of the key highlights:

Portfolio images featured in search results. Clients can now get a better sense of a creative’s style and fit directly in search results. When results from previous projects are front and center, you can more quickly scan, evaluate, and find the right match. If you’re a contractor, this offers more opportunities to highlight your creativity while improving your chances of winning more work.

Advanced search filters. Specialized questions have been introduced to profiles and job posts that will help lead to more relevant and precise matches when more advanced search filters fully roll out. Independent contractors that use specialized profiles will soon appear in client searches with more refined filters, such as specialization, deliverable type, skills, and more. Clients can expect to see this new search experience soon.

The new search experience includes advanced filters and portfolio images featured in search results.The new search experience includes advanced filters and portfolio images featured in search results.

Portfolio templates. Creatives, you can now showcase your portfolio work in different layouts: case study, gallery view, and classic. This gives you more flexibility and control over how you present your work to clients. Your Upwork portfolio is key to your success: our internal research has found that creatives with a portfolio are 3x more likely to get hired on Upwork. Read more about the templates here.

Upwork Profile Wizard: Gallery View

New agency profiles. Agency-specific profile pages help agencies on Upwork more easily showcase the breadth of services they offer as well as their portfolio of work and featured clients. “Upwork’s new agency profile gives us the ability to personalize our brand and showcase our capabilities,” said Jason Martin and Patrick Flavey, co-founders of software development agency DjangoForce.

Richmond ConceptExample: Portfolio of Richmond Concept.

Relevant experience, upfront. Make quicker hiring decisions by seeing a freelancer’s most relevant experience upfront—directly in search results.

These improvements will make it easier for talent to shine and for clients to find quality independent creatives and agencies, so everyone can find the right match on Upwork.

And we’re just getting started. We’re committed to continuing to roll out new experiences to help our awesome customers—both contractors and clients alike—be even more successful on Upwork.

To check out these exciting new features, log into Upwork on the web or with our mobile app. Thanks for being a part of the Upwork design and creative community!

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