New Upwork Connects Pricing Starts Rolling Out Soon

Questions about the new Connects pricing?
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Top freelancers and agencies say it can be difficult to truly stand out on Upwork. At the same time, businesses looking for freelancers tell us it can be a challenge to recognize the right talent when faced with a large number of proposals. To help address this, we’re changing the way Connects are priced.

Connects are what you use to submit a proposal for jobs posted in the Upwork marketplace. Starting in May, each Connect will cost $0.15. You’ll need between one and six Connects to submit a proposal for most job posts; those submitted in response to invitations from clients will continue to be free.

The number of Connects needed for each proposal will be calculated based on a project’s projected value—determined using the estimated duration and budget amount—as well as marketplace demand. For example, it will take fewer Connects to submit a proposal for a job post with a $40 budget that’s expected to last one day than it will for a larger project with a budget of $1,000 or more.

Here’s a brief look at why we’re making this change and how it will impact freelancers and agencies like you. You’ll find an introduction from Hayden Brown, Upwork’s Head of Product and Design, and more detailed information about these changes on this resource page.

Fewer proposals will help the best rise to the top

As we recently shared, Upwork is focused on professional freelancers and prioritizing efforts that encourage higher quality projects and client relationships. After considering many different options, we’re making this adjustment based on consultation with both freelancers and clients who use Upwork.

We expect that:

  • Freelancers and agencies will submit fewer proposals, focusing on job posts they’re most qualified for and most likely to win
  • Clients will have a smaller selection of highly relevant proposals to review, making it easier for them to identify the best talent for their projects

It’s a move designed to make it easier for clients to see your work and increase your odds of winning the projects you want most.

What this means for freelancers and agencies

As a result of the new pricing, we’re changing the way Connects are distributed. Agencies and freelancers will no longer receive free Connects, and there will also be changes to Upwork’s membership plans:

  • The price of the Freelancer Plus plan will rise from $10 to $14.99 each month to reflect the increased monetary value of Connects. You will continue to receive 70 Connects every month (a $10.50 value) plus other valuable perks.
  • The price of the Agency Plus plan will remain the same at $20 each month. However, the Agency Plus plan will no longer include Connects as one of the included benefits.

This change will apply to new freelancers and agencies at the end of this month. For existing freelancers and agencies, paid Connects will roll out starting on May 2, 2019. We anticipate paid Connects will be in place for all freelancers and agencies by the end of June.

We are always looking for ways to ensure Upwork is the best solution for professional freelancers searching for new projects as well as businesses who need freelance talent to help reach their goals. While it’s never easy to make a big change like this, we decided it was time to take this step to make Upwork an even better place for professional freelancers and clients.

Please share your feedback and join the conversation about the change in Upwork’s community forums. Or review the resource page for more detailed information.

Jessica Tiwari
VP, Product

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