New Agency Experience Helps Businesses Find the Specialized Teams They’re Looking For

As the use of contingent labor increases, companies are looking for more than individual expertise: they have complex problems that call for teams who can support specialized project work. As more companies move away from agency of record relationships in favor of boutique agencies, it’s a shift that has left a fragmented agency landscape in its wake.

At the same time, agencies often struggle to find meaningful projects and invest significant amounts of time in networking and business development instead of the hands-on work they excel at.

Upwork is unveiling a new agency experience to strengthen and improve how companies and agencies work together, available to all Upwork customers at no additional cost.

“We’re addressing [that fragmentation] by delivering a fully transparent agency solution that quickens the time-to-hire and the delivery of quality work on large, high-value projects,” Bonnie Sherman, VP of Product at Upwork, announced during the third annual Work Without Limits Executive Summit in Chicago, IL.

How can you put the new agency solution to work for you? Here’s a look at some of the new features.

The new agency experience on Upwork

Agencies on Upwork have earned more than $250 million in project work in 2018 based on organic growth on the platform. These newly released enhancements will help to further accelerate their growth.

Meanwhile, companies need less friction than the traditional agency model provides. They’re looking for an easier way to engage quality agencies, find pricing transparency, and get consistent service levels. These tools will help facilitate those efforts.

The Discovery Dashboard helps businesses scope their project by providing insight into common use cases, top categories of work, project scoping and talent sourcing. It also helps boutique agencies become more discoverable to potential clients who may want to engage them for their specialized skills and services.

Curated Agency Listings allow businesses to drill deep into one category of work by browsing a list of pre-curated agency profiles and project portfolios. To start, Upwork is offering three initial category listings:

Enhanced Agency Profiles help companies evaluate and easily review agency services in one profile view where they can find pertinent agency information to inform their decision making. In turn, agencies have a robust profile to better market their skills and capabilities.

Bring Your Own Agency allows organizations to add their pre-existing agency relationships to the Upwork platform, so they can centrally manage their overall agency portfolios, with full visibility into core processes including engagement, project coordination, and payments. Agencies coming onto the platform can broaden their exposure with others at the company.

Learn more about how Upwork will become the platform destination for both freelancers and boutique agencies. Read the full press release or visit

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