How Freelancers Can Use the New Portfolio Wizard to Showcase Their Work

Upwork is focused on creating a marketplace that helps design and creative professionals get more work done. We’ve learned that portfolios are vital for creative talent to demonstrate their skills and expertise to clients and also to create a brand for themselves. We are constantly evolving our platform to empower creators and give their work the exposure it deserves.

That’s why we’re introducing the Portfolio Wizard, a simple, flexible customization tool that provides a better way for freelancers to showcase their work.

The portfolio wizard has three different templates you can choose from—Case Study, Gallery, and Classic. Each of these is designed to give professionals more opportunities to reflect their creativity.

Upwork Profile Wizard: Select Template

Case Study view highlights how you addressed a problem or opportunity

The Case Study view is designed to answer questions that will help uncover the project’s most important whats, whys, and hows. If you’re unsure about how to document your process, the case study view is also a great starting point to get you thinking about your work. Plus, the preview tool lets you see how the project would look on your profile and to clients before you publish it.

When I wanted to showcase my project, “Designing a Mobile Application for a coffee delivery startup,” the Case Study view was ideal for documenting the process and communicating the story. The template gave me the ability to explain my role in the team, define the problem, show initial concepts, and sequentially highlight the entire process using screen captures and videos.

Upwork Profile Wizard: Case Study View

Pro tip: Start your story by showing the finished solution first, followed by more detailed shots and the process. Sharing insights from problem identification to solution always creates a memorable story. Think about the style and general look and feel of your project, and document the images in a single harmonious design. You can even continue to make changes to your portfolio after it goes live.

Gallery view showcases a series of smaller projects

The Gallery view is best for when you have a collection of images or videos to organize the work you did on a project. Below you can see a “Responsive Design” project, which included a few smaller projects and design optimizations. The mockups across different touchpoints are displayed in one place, highlighting the skills for each touchpoint.

Upwork Profile Wizard: Gallery View

You can add a carousel of images with descriptions and captions underneath to give more context. The template also supports embedding YouTube or Vimeo videos. The Gallery template is great for showcasing multiple galleries of work in different fields such as graphic design and UX design.

Pro tip: Since the Gallery view focuses on images, pick the right cover photo for your gallery. Also be sure to caption your images and tag skills, deliverables, or tools used wherever applicable. The Gallery template is an ideal way to layout your portfolio when you want to bundle many projects into a single gallery view to display a series.

Classic view provides a simple, sleek look

The Classic template allows you to highlight projects in a simple scrollable view. This is best for when you want to add files besides images or videos, such as documents, spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations. For instance, Classic could be used to highlight a detailed user journey for a specific task scenario, allowing to progressively reveal the insights and present a task analysis.

Upwork Profile Wizard: Classic View

Pro tip: Each page in the Classic template can be a story in itself. This makes it an ideal choice for showcasing versatility to clients by presenting varied examples of work. Additionally, use the template to present evidence related to your projects. Substantiate your designs with research, statistics, surveys, or any documentation that lends more credibility to your designs.

Additional portfolio hacks to help get your work noticed

Pick the best of the best
While thinking about your portfolio, make sure you select your best work. Showing many average projects may not be as attractive as highlighting few amazing projects.

Lead with a powerful image
Use eye-catching images, and lead with a powerful image of your work. The images will be displayed in the order in which they’re formatted so make sure to order your portfolios so that your more representative item always appears in the first spot.

Be descriptive and flaunt your skills
When putting together your portfolio, be descriptive and detailed about your work, so relevant portfolio items appear in the search results when clients are looking for design and creative talent.

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