Connect Magazine: Is Your Company Ready For The Shift?

Traditional hiring practices aren’t enough for today’s leaders: how work gets done and who does the work have changed. Half of companies (53 percent) use more flexible workers now than before. Is your organization leading in this new environment or trying to keep up?

The latest edition of Connect Magazine explores this workplace shift: technological, economic, and social forces that are driving innovative companies to strategically adapt to a world that’s quickly changing.

The shift started with the rapid evolution of technology and business-critical skills that became increasingly specialized. It extended across industries as talent shortages left job vacancies and skill gaps in their wake. Then millennial workers streamed into the workplace, demanding the work-life balance previous generations had only talked about.

latest edition of Connect Magazine

In this issue, top brands and business leaders share how they’re adapting in order to get ahead. You’ll learn

  • How starting small helped a team at Microsoft create the structure so they could leverage freelance talent and scale rapidly when needed
  • Why challenging their digital media strategy led Nasdaq to an Emmy-award winning show, millions of social followers, and an ongoing cycle of innovation
  • What top principle Brad Smith, the executive board chairman at Intuit, said a company needs in order to effectively disrupt itself and keep growing
  • How it took a one-two punch for Vivino’s Chris Tsakalakis to learn why soft skills can be critical to both personal and corporate success

Change will happen with or without you. Are you ready to act first?
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