Upwork 100 Provides Intel for 2020 Planning

What are your competitors prioritizing as we head toward 2020? The Upwork 100 is a quarterly index that ranks the top 100 skills—skills that have grown quickly and experienced a

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Upwork’s Hiring Headquarters: Modernized Site Delivers the Information You Need About the Changing World of Work

We recently unveiled a new design for the Upwork Blog. And now, Upwork’s Hiring Headquarters...

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Powerful Features Transform Search for Design and Creative Hiring on Upwork

Over the past year, we’ve been building and testing powerful new features—based on your...


Freelancing in America 2019: More People Than Ever See Freelancing As a Long-term Career Path

At nearly $1 trillion annually, approaching 5% of U.S. GDP, freelance income is on par with...

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Upwork & Workforce Logiq Partnership a Game-changer for Talent Sourcing At Scale

Companies with direct access to the skills they need are in the best position to compete in...


Will Updates to Upwork Skills Impact Your Profile or Job Post?

From time to time, Upwork evaluates the skills and skillsets listed on the site to ensure they...

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Welcome to the Newly Redesigned Upwork Blog!

The Upwork Blog has a fresh new look! 

We’ll still be sharing all the same great content—only...


The 20 Highest-paying Skills for Independent Professionals Right Now

There’s a misconception that independent workers can’t make enough money but the reality is, of...

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Q2 2019 Skills Index: Businesses Rely on Freelance Talent for Highly Specialized Skills

Nearly half (48%) of hiring managers agree that the increased specialization of skills is...