Working With an Agency? 7 Tips to Get Great Results

You may have engaged an agency for your next big project, but are you prepared to deliver on your end? Working with an agency is a partnership and by learning more about what they need to succeed you can lay a stronger foundation for great results. Here are seven tips to help you get started.

1. Provide context

An effective creative brief can help you select a top-notch agency, but what will really help them excel is the context behind it: your overall goals, your strategy, and the unique challenges facing your organization. A kickoff meeting can be a good time to share this information and talk through any questions the agency might have.

2. Identify key contacts and keep communication open

Having designated contacts on both sides of the table helps establish clear lines of communication. However, it can also be helpful to keep the broader team in the loop and actively involved at important milestones—particularly those working on the project who might find it helpful to connect directly with the client.

3. Let the agency take the lead

When it comes to scoping and planning your project, let the agency tap into their experience and take the lead. Many agencies offer this as part of their customer service: It’s a good way to determine the project’s requirements and the best way to leverage the agency’s skills and expertise while building trust with clients they may not have worked with before.

4. Don’t be afraid to tap into their expertise

You may be partnering on one particular project but chances are that you both have other things in motion at the same time. Look for ways you can tap into that expertise, whether that’s partnering on other projects or talking about other challenges that have come up; a check-in can be an opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other.

5. Share your project’s results

Everyone loves recognition and praise for good work, and agencies are no different. Especially when those efforts pay off! Don’t forget to circle back and let the agency know what happens post launch.

6. Engage agencies in high-value work

Agencies enjoy working on challenging projects—and that’s what they’re equipped to do. Handing over a run of low-value, overflow projects can be discouraging and lead to lower-impact results.

7. Remember: Plans can change and evolve

Pivots can happen with any project; new information, changed circumstances, and external factors can nudge a project off its original plan. Trust your agency to manage these changes and make adjustments where needed.

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