When Should Your Team Start Leveraging Freelancers?

Your team is swamped yet you’re tasked with adding more projects to your plate. You don’t know how you’re going to get all of it done when you realize that you could work with freelancers to move some projects along. But are freelancers the right solution for you?

More than half of companies that are utilizing flexible workers said their top reason for hiring this talent was to help scale to meet project demands, according to Upwork’s Future Workforce Report.

There are some projects where it’s clear that contracting a freelancer is a smart move, and there are others where a different solution may work better. Here are a few instances of each:

When to consider working with freelancers

  • Specific expertise is not available in house. Working with freelancers can give your team access to skills you may not otherwise have access to.
  • Your team is drowning in work. When your team has reached their maximum capacity, freelancers can step in to help you continue tackling new projects and making big strides.
  • You need to focus on strategy, not execution. Even if you’re capable of doing a project, it may be more productive for you to focus on the strategy for new ideas as opposed to executing.

When to consider other options

Not every project is suited to working with freelancers, so use your best judgment as to when you should leverage freelance expertise. Here are a few instances to consider:

  • Working with freelancers successfully relies on having the right structure. To truly understand what you’re looking for, write a job post that includes the project’s objective, requirements, skills, and timeline. This level of detail will help you define the scope of work.
  • Correctly classifying talent as an independent contractor or employee is a compliance must-do. Take a look at this chart to understand whether, from a compliance perspective, an independent contractor or employee is the right fit for your project.

By preparing ahead of time and considering what you need to accomplish and how you’ll do it, you’ll be well on your way to successful projects with freelancers.

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