What You Need to Know About Animated Video, Data-Driven Ecommerce, Cryptojacking, and More

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Beyond Saturday Morning Cartoons: Why Your Marketing Plan Should Include Animated Videos
(by Kobe Digital)

Of all types of content, videos have the best ROI. In fact, 64 percent of shoppers will make a purchase after watching a video about it. Kobe Digital writes that animated videos can make your business stand out—and you don’t need animation skills to create them. The article shares a few noteworthy examples including Spotify’s explainer video and social media whiteboard animations. Get more inspiration in the full article.

3 Invaluable Customer Metrics to Help You Step Up Your Ecommerce Game
(by Jaydip Parikh)

Data will make the difference between coasting along and making a splash, writes inbound marketer Jaydip Parikh. But you can’t simply collect any data—it must be specific and targeted. When you understand customer visit behavior, for instance, you can send customers the right incentive for their stage in the purchase funnel, such as a coupon for a product in their abandoned cart. Every piece of data should provide new opportunities for customer engagement.

How to Protect Your Business Against Cryptojacking
(by Annie Button)

If you haven’t heard of cryptojacking, it’s a type of cyber attack in which a hacker hijacks computing processing power to mine for cryptocurrency. While it’s different than any other form of cyberattack and rising in popularity, Annie Button suggests five important controls to prevent, detect and respond to cryptojacking attacks. Read on to learn more about the precautionary measures.

How to Keep Your App Relevant on Google Play Store
(by Keval Padia)

More than 500,000 apps were taken down from Google’s Play Store last year because they violated the company’s policies. Keval Padia, CEO of app development company Nimblechapps, shares three types of apps and developer networks that have been blocked—and tips to avoid having your app taken down. Notable among them: “Think about all the new inputs you can add to your app or your page. These improvements can be in the form of removal of ads, color changes, or app functionalities.”

5 Actionable Tips for Scaling Your Small Business
(by Rieva Lesonksky)

Only 10 percent of startups gain traction, and the other 90 percent fail. That’s a daunting statistic to face if you’re starting and scaling a business. CEO of SmallBizDaily Rieva Lesonksky shares five key ways to scale a small business. One piece of advice is to become an authority in your industry to gain the trust of customers: “The best way to do this is to get published and often. Start small with your blog, espousing thought leadership content that relates to your products and services. Then, get the word out by engaging in guest posting and seeking publication on larger and more authoritative sources.”

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