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Developing React Native applications in ClojureScript

React Native is steadily gaining popularity among the programming community as a cross-platform mobile development tool. It’s a further expansion of the highly successful Facebook ReactJS JavaScript framework for mobile


Tools on the Edge of a Microservice

As Upwork moved toward distributed micro frontends and backends, we needed tools to facilitate...


Behind the Scenes: Modernizing Upwork’s Infrastructure Takes Time and Patience

Making large-scale changes to any system takes a lot of planning and work—and it doesn’t always...

Remote Work, Engineering

Context is Key for Your Distributed Team’s Success

I’ll start by sharing a very public secret. Highly successful distributed teams and co-located...

Remote Work, Engineering

Why Effective Distributed Teams Are Not Remote Teams

Over the past eight years, I’ve had the privilege to be part of Upwork—a company that, from its...


How Upwork Effectively Manages A Complex API Infrastructure

How has Upwork created and maintained a complex public API (application programming interface)...


Modernizing Upwork with Micro Frontends

Sep Nasiri leads the UI Infrastructure Team at Upwork. The Infrastructure Team creates and...


Upwork Modernization: An Overview

As a founder of oDesk—which has since evolved into Upwork—Stratis Karamanlakis has had a front...

Remote Work, Engineering

7 Tips for a Successful Distributed Team: Lessons Learned as Product Manager for Upwork’s Mobile Apps

Upwork’s mobile vision centers around helping people get more work done faster than ever. Being...