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Black Initiative Network (BIN)

Our Mission



To improve hiring, retention, career advancement, professional development and social impact for underserved communities.

What We Do



We're always getting the Upwork community involved with the Black Initiative Network through fun events celebrating Black history, from our Juneteenth celebration to Black History Month. We also have social events for the group to build a shared community and safe space so everyone feels supported.




Professional Development

Our group is committed to helping our members with their professional development, so we attend conferences like AfroTech, organize networking events, and partner with Black ERGs from other organizations to enable our members to grow their circles.



Community Outreach

We want to empower not only our employees, but people outside the Upwork community, so we do outreach, speaking at high schools, mentoring students, and helping them with their interviewing skills. 


Our Executive Sponsors


Marc Hosein

Senior Director, Business Development


Brian Kinion

Chief Financial Officer

 Upwork's company mission is to create economic opportunities so people have better lives.  Our Black Initiative Network's mission is to improve hiring, retention, career advancement, professional development and social impact for one of our underserved communities. Achieving BIN’s mission will help us achieve Upwork’s mission, enabling us to better serve our customers while growing our business and helping our community. 

We strive to be one of the first companies to truly model the Future of Work, which must include diversity, inclusion, and belonging. In short, Upwork’s Black Initiative Network will enable the Future of Work and we need your help! 

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