New Ad Campaign Features Some of the Best Freelancers on Upwork

Working remotely with freelancers is a new way of working that doesn’t always come easily. How can you trust the work of someone you’ve never worked with before, and whom you may never meet in person? What can you do to help ensure they have the skills and experience needed to help your project succeed?

Many freelancers on Upwork have world-class skills and expertise that enable them to build the business they want in order to pursue the opportunities they choose. Upwork’s new ad campaign, which launched today in New York City’s Times Square, features 14 top freelancers and agencies on Upwork.

“Freelancers and agencies are the reason Upwork is the go-to place for businesses to make things happen,” said Kevin Bechtel, director of brand at Upwork.

“Clients come to Upwork to get support on key initiatives from pros who are masters of their craft. This campaign gives a glimpse of the high caliber talent available and celebrates their success on our platform. The bottom line: Upwork thrives when our customers—both clients and freelancers—succeed.”

The competition for highly skilled professionals is always fierce, and the freelance marketplace is no different. We asked some of the featured freelancers about the story behind their thriving businesses and what tips they’d give to clients who want to get their attention.

Freelancers value flexibility and the ability to choose their clients

J Cheema, freelance presentation designer on Upwork

J Cheema, a presentation designer, stepped away from a Fortune 100 company to work for himself. “I love that I get complete ownership over every aspect of my work life—from [setting my] hours, to days off, to traveling (or not traveling), to whom I work with. My wife, my kids, and I sit down and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. As rewarding as that is for me, I have to imagine it is even better for my kids,” he said.

Mike Volkin, freelance chief marketing officer

U.S. Army veteran Mike Volkin left a traditional marketing role to freelance full time. Like Cheema, he appreciates being in control of his time, the rate he charges, and projects he pursues. “I started freelancing because a friend of a friend contacted me and asked for marketing help. I agreed to help him after work a few hours a week. From there I was hooked,” he explained.

Amy Barry, freelance CPA and accounting consultant

Amy Barry, a CPA and accounting consultant, started freelancing five years ago after she left a large public accounting firm. “It’s great working with clients on Upwork because I find that users of the platform love efficiency and technology. This helps projects run smoothly,” Barry said. “I love the flexibility and the opportunity it presents to work with clients on long-term contracts and projects.”

Tips for collaborating effectively with freelancers

When it comes to collaborating successfully with freelancers, an effective job post and good communication can make all the difference.

“My biggest piece of advice to clients is to communicate clearly and define a scope of work,” Volkin said. “From my years of experience, I’d guess that over 80% of working arrangements that go wrong do so because of a lack of communication and/or a misunderstanding of the scope of work.”

Josh Burns, freelance business intelligence developer

“Some clients don’t realize that many of the Top Rated freelancers on Upwork don’t ever apply for jobs because they get invited to so many projects,” said Josh Burns, a business intelligence developer. “It’s really important to invite freelancers to your job.”

Maider Izeta, freelance Spanish SEO writer and translator

“I always look for clients who are looking for a freelancer in my exact niche,” said Maider Izeta, a Spanish SEO writer and translator. “When clients work with a freelancer, they’re hiring an expert for a particular area. I love working with clients who have a specific need for my skills, as I’m able to save them time and money because I’ve spent hours perfecting my craft.”

Mizpah Valmoria, freelance virtual assistant

“Communication and transparency are key to building long-term relationships with freelancers,” said Mizpah Valmoria, a virtual assistant. “Engaging with freelancers frequently helps build trust on both sides,” she said.

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